Travel in London

Exciting places to visit

If you are staying in one of London’s leading hotels before you leave the city be sure to visit Harvey Nichols for an amazing breakfast of Eggs Benedict before starting your day. This will leave you feeling wonderfully satisfied and will see your day starting in the most relaxed way possible.

There are a wide variety of amazing places just waiting to be explored in London including London Zoo, London Eye, The Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum, The Cartoon Museum, Saatchi Gallery, London Film Museum or any host of other wonderful exhibits just waiting to be explored. Some of these wonderful attractions can be enjoyed in just a few hours leaving you with plenty of time for your journey to Paris.

A guided tour of London is a fantastic way to take in some of the sights that London has to offer such as Westminster (including Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament), the Thames, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden,

Fleet Street and many more wonderful places. 

London’s selection of markets is perhaps one of the city’s most appealing characteristics for visitors, and each has its own unique character waiting to be discovered.

Camden Market is perhaps the most widely known market in London and attracts a very diverse range of people, offering everything from arts and crafts, second-hand and vintage clothing to fantastic food from all over the world. Easy to access from a centralised spot like a St Pancras hotel, the market is sure to entertain anyone who visits on a weekend.

Brick Lane is another of London’s well-known markets, and is a very art-focused market, selling everything from one-off art pieces to vintage clothing and furniture. The market also offers a great diversity of cuisine from around the world and really serves to highlight the different experiences and cultures that London has to offer.

Portobello Road Market is another spot to visit on your trip to London, with its variety of unusual shops selling a host of alternative clothes, antiques and foods. Although not as large as some of the city’s other markets, Portobello is still a very vibrant and interesting shopping experience that is worth visiting.